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Small Steps. Big Life will:

  • Remind you of the power of dreams
  • Knock on your door and stand there till you answer – even if timidly – to ask you to come out and play
  • Hold your face in front of the mirror and remind you to see the sparkle and magic that you create for yourself and those around you
  • Keep your truth safe while you bend down to tie shoelaces, and pick up grocery bags and dirty underwear off the floor
  • Hand you your weekly dose of hope
  • Make you smile in the face of your silliness and vulnerability
  • Share the mindful parent I (we all) aspire (and frequently fail) to be, and the mindful parent that moves and teaches all of us
  • Talk about the power of kids with ADHD, SPDs, and other differences, their connections, and authenticity
  • Build community, forge alliances, make friends and give voice to the parents of children who are often pegged, labeled, and judged

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In the midst of your daily agitation, I’m here to remind you that your children and you are whole, complete, creative, and resourceful. It is in these moments that we need to know that we are not alone, to feel the power and safety of our connections.

I am here to hold space for you and your great ideas, applaud your miraculous daily work, support your creative problem solving, teach when you need it, and cheer you on your journey.

Join my paradigm shift, my village, my (r)evolution!!

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