6th Degree Leadership Coaching

Master your Energy.  Master Yourself

So You Can Be Unstoppable  at Home and at Work.

The world comes at us quickly. And if you're anything like the powerful women I coach, you're expected to be everywhere at the same time, on all the time, and unsure, afraid, or unglued exactly non of the time. But who can deliver on expectations at that level? And where do you find release? It's only natural that it comes in the form of escape: a bag of Oreos, a bottle of Pinot Noir, a Netflix binge, an unintended shouting match, a bottle of Xanax, or the "buy now" button on a retail shopping site. But how long can that continue? How long can you swing between having it all together, and letting it gloriously fall apart... Just for a stolen moment 

How can you possibly have it all, when having it all means doing it all?

What if instead of dividing your precious energy, you could master it? What if vitality wasn't a limited reserve, but a boundless, never-ending flow?

I developed 6th Degree Leadership to help you master your most powerful resource: YOU


Master your Energetic Balance

  • Feel physically strong, agile, and well
  • Gain mental clarity and focus
  • Feel more emotionally safe and in-control
  • Shift out of defensiveness
  • Show up to struggles with an aggressive, open stance


Master the Art of Stillness for Impact

  • Listen deeply, even when the noise is loudest
  • Cultivate and communicate clear vision and purpose
  • Manage conflict, guise resolution, and push through resistance
  • Innovate solutions without attachment to problems 
  • Expand your capacity for tolerance, understanding, and diverse views


Master the Simulation of Forms

  • Be open to risk and prepared for solutions
  • Boldly share your innovations and ideas 
  • Work for what you value and believe
  • Confidently communicate your thoughts, feelings, and desires
  • Access your intuition Get out of your head, and into your natural life force 

Master the way you show up, express, lead,and have impact... at work and at home.

I'm Natalia Gabrea.

I developed 6th degree leadership because I understand the struggles of leading a family and a business. I know what it feels like to want to be in control even when you're in demand. 

I also know first-hand that as a women, we're taught to defend. To defend our bodies, our ideas, our positions, our dreams, and our actions. But when we maintain defensive positions day-in and day-out, we set ourselves up for attack. We live in a constant state of threat response that eats away at out strength, our resolve, and our power. And in this vulnerable state we can easily succumb to uncertainty or victim-hood. 

After a decade of practicing Qigong (cultivating innate, unlimited life energy), and martial arts (the ancient, codified systems of combat), I created 6th Degree Leadership so women could naturally access the ever-present wisdom of body, mind, and spirit. I created a program to help you understand and manage your energy at a cellular level—so when your body responds, your heart and mind will follow. 

6th Degree Leadership is like no coaching program you'll experience anywhere else. I've combined principles of martial and healing arts, contemplative practice and personal development to help you creatively and aggressively approach threats, challenges, and struggles while you mindfully commit to radically sustaining your vitality and amplifying your personal power. 

6th Degree Leaders understand and maintain their personal power and well-being on six essential levels: physical, mental, spiritual, creative, emotional, and social. The trust their inner wisdom and control their own energy. 6th Degree Leaders are focused, fierce, assertive, and confident.

Because life comes at your fast and hard. And you've got everything you need--right inside you—to triumph.

What people are Saying

“You brought tears to my eyes. You asked us to move and then you asked us to be still. I experienced how challenging that was, and I ask it of my children everyday without ever acknowledging it as a challenging for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing that to my awareness.”

Kim Greco

Paws and Possibilities

“Natalia is truly one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever had the true pleasure to listen to. Her faith and her passion are so palpable I could almost touch them. Not only did she convey her soul, but also challenged us to feel into ours. The simple experiences and poses that she guided us through were power-packed and truly grounding. I can’t remember another instance when I’ve been so touched by a speaker’s message.”

Luisa Zhou

Affiliate Press Writer


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From the Desk of Natalia Gabrea

Small Steps. Big Life.

You can nurture your indomitable spirit, and live a life that feels intentional, mindful, supported, and rich in moments of relief and wonder. I believe you can absolutely thrive, no matter what, and I will totally help! 

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