Hi, dear friend!

I'm Natalia Gabrea.
Welcome to my paradigm shift.

I'm so honored and excited that you're here.

This is the online home of Movement Before Meds™ – my paradigm shift, my community, and my revolution.

I am the Chief Inspiration Officer and CEO at Hiruko Wellness Inc. I teach, lead, guide, inspire, learn from and connect with children. My life is dedicated to gathering insights, innovating solutions, sparking shifts, so young people grow up to be healthy and happy and parents experience ease, connection, and joy.

I’m a teacher, a sounding board, a perspective seeker, a strategist, and a connector for parents and youth. I help worried moms and dads, whose kids are going through challenging times, discern where they need to focus first and in what order, to create family solutions that are realistic, empowering, happy, and full of love.

As a mom, I’ve experienced my own levels of worry around my kid’s special needs, learning disabilities, and behavioral differences. I’ve stumbled, made mistakes, and lost my cool. I’ve felt worried, afraid, and mad.

Even though I know I’m not alone, there have been days when I’ve felt like I could use the unconditional support and love of a village.

As a third degree black belt instructor, school founder, and entrepreneur leading teams of young adults and youth, I’ve taught hundreds of kids and young people – from four year-olds into the early twenties – how to focus like a ninja, believe in themselves, and design and achieve results that make them happy.

I’ve learned over the years that youth can be fearlessly unstoppable.

With the unconditional and unwavering support from parents, family, or other caring adults they can gradually –over time – learn to design a life they love, in which they thrive, where they have amazing results and they are deeply happy.

I’m here to offer the support, help, inspiration and connection you need to persevere through your challenges so you can feel grounded, mindful, confident, supported and inspired.

Professional Bio

Natalia Gabrea is the founder of the Movement Before Meds™ Revolution and co-founder of Hiruko Wellness, an innovative martial arts and wellness school for youth and adults. For the past fifteen years, Natalia’s life has been dedicated to developing enterprises that support youth growth and development in different capacities. She has taught, coached, and guided hundreds of students to be confident, strong, and safe in the Hiruko Healing Martial Arts™ program. She also managed a teen youth technology program in East Palo Alto.

As a leader, Natalia believes that full inclusion is the key to developing strong, compassionate, and connected communities and teams. Natalia received her BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University, and her MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. She has a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a certified Qigong and Tai Chi instructor from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Santa Barbara.